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The One Lounge at Motel One Newcastle

Every single One Lounge has its own personal character. The individuality of the One Lounge arises from a fusion of local themes, each of which retells a story and is processed by our design team, with lavish attention to detail.

Design themes of the One Lounge

The new Motel One Newcastle is located in a renovated historic building with a brick facade in the heart of this atmospheric industrial city. The One Lounge is vibrant with the period industrial charm of unrendered bricks. The guest is invited to go on a journey and experience Motel One, gain inspiration and dip into the city of Newcastle.

The rear wall of the reception with its striped wallpaper has a classic English look. The pattern may also remind you of the black and white stripes of Newcastle United’s shirts. Specially made industrial-looking pendant lights are suspended above the reception.

A reinterpreted library shelf, its books replaced by wallpaper with a book design, decorates the wall behind the group of seats in the reception area. Next to it is a mirror-backed cabinet containing unusual whisky carafes that reflect the architectural feature of the arched vault. The design theme for the bar is the work of Robert Stephenson, who in 1829 built the steam locomotive Rocket.

Stephenson was a well-known architect, inventor and locomotive builder. The bar is slightly raised on a substructure facing the main entrance, and the ambiance is industrial. The rear wall of the bar boasts specially created motif collages featuring Robert Stephenson, his Rocket and technical sketches. The high-quality Jan Kath carpets and the original leather furniture by Baxter create an inviting seating area.

The main feature of Newcastle’s cityscape is its bridges, which create a lasting impression. Hence the Tyne bridges as the design theme in the breakfast area. Thanks to its link with the sea and the trade route it represents, the Tyne has played an important role in the development and industrialisation of the city.

Various elements reflecting the bridge designs are to be found in the breakfast area. Emperor lights and Construction Lamp floor lamps – both from Moooi – perfectly match the overall design, lending an industrial charm. A rustic steel shelf serves as a room divider, and Arketipo chairs with their striking steel frame are likewise reminiscent of bridge piers. The signage in the lobby is in the style of the signposts in the city.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by the charm of the Motel One Newcastle Lounge, and find your favourite spot. We look forward to seeing you!

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