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The One Lounge at Motel One Berlin-Tiergarten

When you enter a One Lounge you find yourself in an oasis that tempts you to linger and enjoy the ambiance, far from the bustle of the city. The One Lounge is the beating heart of every Motel One, and is a lounge, lobby, bar and breakfast café rolled into one.

Design themes of the One Lounge

Berlin’s nearby Urania conference and educational centre inspired the design department to tackle the topic of the universe and our planetary system and implement it in the One Lounge in the form of unique design highlights.

The wall behind the bar is a mirrored glass graphic of outer space in which the hundreds of tiny LEDs are engulfed by a seemingly infinite universe. The look of the metal-surfaced bar matches the infinite "cosmos", and the rocket-shaped bar stools round it all off perfectly.

A mural with the seven planets of our solar system on one side and the various moons on the other side graces the wall of the lounge area.

The rounded shaping of the Fritz Hansen Swan Chairs conjures up planets, and their colours also contribute to this effect. The amorphous Tom Dixon lights with their metallic finish resemble stars, and when they are switched on a little universe seems to appear inside them.



On the other side fitted shelves offer literature on the theme of the cosmos for readers both young and old. A film showing scenes of flight through the cosmos runs on the screen, as well as clips from the cult German sci-fi series Raum Patrouille Orion (Space Patrol Orion).

Travel to distant galaxies and get to know the capital from a fresh angle. The Motel One team will be your reliable companions on this voyage.

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