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One Lounge, pure Pleasure

Have breakfast, catch up on the latest news and enjoy the food.

Enjoy waking up in the morning to a fresh cappuccino and an extensive breakfast buffet. And relax in the bar with a "Sundowner", tasty snacks and fine wines after a long day.

The One Lounge is the buzz spot of our hotels. With its individual design, the One Lounge surprises our guests in every hotel with its own individual regional theme.

But it is not "only" an eye-catching feature of our hotels. The One Lounge is also a breakfast cafe, bar and lobby in one. With plenty of space, soothing light, appealing design and friendly service, the One Lounge is the perfect atmosphere to meet up and feel at ease for your business appointments.

Perhaps an after-work drink in the evening? No problem. The One Lounge is also a very impressive bar. Try our carefully selected wines.

In the majority of our hotels, there is also a comfortable outdoor lounge where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine when the weather is fine.

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