Food and Drink

Rise and shine!

After a restful night in heavenly box-spring beds, you'll find our breakfast buffets include everything your heart desires. Hearty organic rye bread, moist Bundt cake, fresh croissants and organic rolls: we serve up something for every taste.

Be spoilt for choice at Breakfast

We pay close attention to quality when selecting our breakfast products. Our lavish buffets feature plenty of organic and fair-trade products such as Andechser organic cheese, milk, butter and yoghurt from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, or Alnatura organic jam. Every morning you can look forward to organic apple juice and fair-trade orange juice, fine speciality teas from Eilles and fairly traded organic coffee. Along with freshly picked apples and organic muesli from the Tyrol, your day is off to a great start!*

Travellers are usually keen to explore new things, so regional themes are reflected in the design of every One Lounge, bringing the neighbourhood and its stories closer to you and making them tangible and livable.

Representative and regional

We consistently pursue the same approach to the refreshments on offer, so you can taste the regional differences too. You will find a large selection of local products and specialities in the breakfast buffets at international Motel One hotels.

Try out our hot English porridge in London or our Red Leicester cheese from Leicester. In Basel and Zurich we serve up Swiss Gruyère and rich Butterzopf bread in the buffet. Real koblihy doughnuts and Prague ham await you in the Czech capital, and you can enjoy Dutch oude and jonge kaas cheeses in Amsterdam.

*This breakfast selection is available in all German Motel One locations

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Like the Morning, Love the Breakfast

Our breakfast buffet at a glance

  • Our breakfast buffet at a glance

    Regional products and specialities

  • Our breakfast buffet at a glance

    Wide selection of organic products

  • Our breakfast buffet at a glance

    Sweet, savoury, warm and cold dishes

  • Our breakfast buffet at a glance

    Monday to Friday: 6:00 am - 10:00 am Weekends, holidays: 7:00 am - 11:00 am

  • Our breakfast buffet at a glance

    The substantial breakfast buffet for just EUR 9.50*

**£9.50 in the UK

Tempting nibbles and snacks

A selection of snacks is available in the One Lounge.

Our best-selling toasted sandwiches are made to order and served with a garnish of tasty, organic sea-salt crisps. Choose from three kinds of ham and cheese or mozzarella or tomato, on white or wholemeal bread.

Accompany your refreshing evening beer with peanuts packing a fiery punch, or fire up your concentration for work with the Clever & Smart snack combo. We’ve also got tasty mixed nuts.

Or to satisfy a sweeter tooth, there’s smooth organic chocolate from Zotter* –fairly traded of course.


*not available in the UK

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Our drinks selection

Can you taste the difference?

The One Lounge, open for guests 24 hours a day, offers plenty of room to work, relax or socialise. Get comfortable on the soft leather sofas and take a look at our well-stocked bar menu.
After a stroll through the city, you can relax in an armchair by the fire with an organic, fair-trade speciality coffee or – and we’re sure you’ll love it – our home-made ginger lemonade*.

There’s no accounting for taste, as the saying goes. ‘Not to worry,’ say our bartenders, who are fully equipped to satisfy all visitors with an arsenal of the finest berry, malt, hop, barley and juniper concoctions. Motel One has drawn up a different bar menu for every country, including a host of regional specialities, covering (almost) every imaginable flavour of spirits and liqueurs to suit every elegant palette. Cheers!


*not available in the UK

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Visit and enjoy a coffee, beer or G&T.