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Our assortment of food and drinks

A cosmopolitan selection

The One Lounge, open for you 24 hours a day, offers room to work, relax or socialise with friends. Get comfortable on the soft leather sofas and take a look at our well-stocked bar menu.

After a stroll through the city, you can relax in an armchair by the fire with an organic, fair trade speciality coffee or our homemade ginger lemonade.

In the evening, you’ll be able to find your drink of choice among our selection of classic cocktails, premium wines and spirits. Also ask the bartender about local beers, he’ll be sure to recommend something special.

Our separate ‘One Gin’ menu, featuring 40 different hand-picked gins, is a particular highlight and allows you to truly discover the world of gin.

Delicious snacks


Toast is an undisputed classic when it comes to snacks and is an ideal light option if you get a little hungry between meals. Freshly prepared toast is grilled to perfection in one of four flavours especially developed for Motel One and served with tasty organic sea salt crisps. Our toast is now also available with wholemeal bread. 

●  One Basic: Ham and cheese with a green accompaniment of basil, parsley and pine nuts

●  One Little Italy: Sun-dried tomatoes, almonds, chilli, ginger, savory and oregano will awaken holiday feelings

●  One Spicy Curry: Chilli, turmeric, paprika, ginger, vanilla and cardamom are combined into a spicy Asian mixture 

●  One Vegetarian: Tomato and mozzarella are accompanied by basil, parsley and pine nuts – also known as ‘Caprese’


Discover the fiery devil in the peanuts with a cool evening beer, or boost your concentration while working with the Clever & Smart packet. Snacking can be so tasty and healthy too! We have five nutty pieces of evidence for that:

●  Devil Inside – spicy peanuts
●  Clever & Smart – nut and dried fruit mix
●  Natural Power Pack – elegant nut mix
●  Cash Group – salted cashew nuts
●  Al Mondy – salted smoked almonds 




Chocolate dreams come true with sweet temptations from Zotter. The Austrian company focusses on variety, quality and innovation, and stands for creativity, sustainability and 100% organic and fair trade. You can try these three delicious flavours in our One Lounge:*

●  Labooko Belize Toledo 82 % 
●  Labooko Raspberry
●  Labooko Peru 45 %


*This offer is valid in all Motel One hotels in Germany and Austria. The following Motel One hotels are excluded: London-Tower Hill, Manchester-Piccadilly, Edinburgh-Royal, Edinburgh-Princes, Newcastle, Brussels, Prague, Amsterdam and Basel.

You can find our current snack card here.

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