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Dieter Müller about Motel One

Happy guests and happy staff are at the heart of what we do

Positioning Motel One as a successful budget design hotel brand has been a challenge over the last years. High occupancy, a large number of satisfied guests and also numerous awards attest to our chosen approach.

We have been able to implement our strategy of a high quality product and design standards, combined with excellent locations and a very attractive price. At the same time happy staff and happy guests lie at the heart of the Motel One company philosophy.

With 60 hotels and more than 16,500 rooms we have now become one of the leading players in the budget sector. Our next move is in other European countries. In Austria we have already opened the first four hotels in Salzburg and Vienna and rolled out in the UK in Edinburgh, Newcastle and London. We plan to expand our network to 80 hotels with approximately 23,150 rooms. These are ambitious goals that we will achieve with the support of our partners and the high motivation of our employees.

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